In one of Spain’s southern provinces, over 45,000 acres of greenhouses export tons of vegetables and fruits annually. This greenhouse city is immense enough to show up on pictures taken from space. The workers in these greenhouses are not visible from space; yet far from insignificant, they are noticed by Heaven. They are a harvest field much more valuable than the crowded coastal plain.

​The last twenty-five years have brought large numbers of immigrants from Africa to Spain. Although the agricultural industry is massive, there are more immigrants than jobs. Many immigrants find themselves with dire physical needs and must hear the Good News and see authentic Christianity lived out. With this purpose, DNI workers live and work among these immigrants in southern Spain.

Join the Spain Team in working among the North African immigrant population in southern Spain.
– Activities & Focus: Culture & linguistic acquisition, Team participation, Missions participation & training, Personal growth
– Who Can Apply: Single men, aged 21+
– Cost: Approximately $600-$800 per month
– Term: 9 months

We are looking to recruit couples, singles, or families to join a church planting team in southern Spain working among the North African immigrant population.
– Minimum Commitment: 3 years

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