-South Asia

Why South Asia?
Vibrant colors, spicy curries, honking horns, and throngs of warm friendly people welcome you to South Asia. It is a place of energy and contrast; from the old man in tatters begging for money, to powerful politicians riding in shiny new cars; from bustling city streets to quiet village roads. This vibrant land is home to the largest unreached people group in the world. This is a warm-climate culture, valuing rich relationships and always finding time for another cup of tea together. Yet despite the religious fervor, many dedicate themselves to empty forms and rituals in an attempt to gain favor with God and secure eternal life. Millions have not heard about the Father who deeply loves them and longs for a relationship with them. May God be calling you to join our team?

Who we are:
Each team member’s story of God’s calling differs. Every story is unique in how God has opened doors of opportunity for us as we move forward in faith. God is using the various giftings in His body to build His kingdom in this locality.

We believe that God’s call is to bring followers of Christ together in community in one common faith. We are committed to building His kingdom by living lives of integrity, sacrificial love, and by boldly proclaiming the Truth.

When God calls, He opens doors of opportunity. Communicating with a native English speaker is a privilege many people covet. Whether done formally or informally, it is a tremendous opportunity to build relationships. Business done well with integrity is a powerful testimony in a world of corruption. Continuing education opens doors for daily interaction with young people. Advocating for the vulnerable and caring for the sick is following in our Savior’s footsteps. Using skills the Creator has given will bring honor and glory to his name.

God’s work is not limited by age or marital status, neither is it limited to a specific location. As his followers step out in faith and heed His call, He will guide them on the path He wants for them.


We are looking to recruit singles, couples or families to join the team in South Asia.
– Potential Activities: English Teaching, English Center Management, Business, Discipleship, Outreach, Language/Other Studies, Social Service/Development, and Others.
– Minimum Commitment: 3 years
– Short term opportunities are also available. 

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