Out vision is to glorify Jesus Christ by sharing His Gospel with Quebecois in their native language, inviting them to signify faith in Jesus and supporting an intimate relationship with God through discipleship in the way of Jesus. We will partner with them, living out the Kingdom of God in covenant community led by the Holy Spirit and the Word, and prioritizing an Anabaptist ethic of peaceful, sacrificial love.

We cross land and sea to find unreached people groups, while next door in Québec there is a large group of people that has not been touched by the redeeming love of Jesus.

The Quebecois are considered the most unreached people group in North America because only 1 in every 200 people consider themselves any type of evangelical Christian. Among those that do, a large percentage do not have a local church that they are active in.

Québec has a very rich history in which the Roman Catholic church played a significant role in bringing structure to society throughout the centuries. Around 70 years ago, there was an immense shift away from the increasingly abusive and controlling Catholic church towards a secular society. The predominantly Catholic population’s view of God was severely distorted and they rejected religion altogether. Today, postmodernism and secularism bring many challenges to sharing the gospel in Quebec due to the complicated scars of Québec’s history. There is a huge spiritual vacuum in the younger generations that is being filled by other religions and cults. Of the Canadian provinces, Quebec has the highest rates of divorce, abortions, and suicide.


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Church Planters Needed

We are looking to recruit an older couple with ministry experience to join the church planting team in Quebec.
– Minimum Commitment: 3 years

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