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Why the Middle East?
The Middle East is known as the “cradle of civilizations,” and is the place where heroes of the faith like Jonah, Queen Esther, Nahum and others have walked. Religions and ethnicities have survived many generations, but numerous wars have left the people traumatized and bitter. Few people trust each other.
Despite conflict, the people are known for generous hospitality, offering platters piled with food, a cup of cold water, and pillows to recline on while sitting on a mat. Sipping tea, sharing meals, and spending many hours together are vital to building relationships. Time is of little importance compared to relationships.

Wars have not only left emotional wounds, but have also caused physical hardships. Thousands are living in temporary housing and camps. Religion based on works has left many feeling empty. There is a great hunger for truth, but most have never heard the Good News of the kingdom of God. God is using the giftings of each team member to build meaningful relationships and provide opportunities to boldly share the Truth.


Our Mission & Vision:
We are emissaries of God’s reconciliation and love to the people of the Middle East so that they may become disciple-making followers of the Messiah. We are committed to reflect the True Light, model thriving communities and relationships, and live in dependence on God and others. We simultaneously offer services that build relationships with the intent of drawing people toward the kingdom of God.

This region offers many opportunities to build thriving communities. We are in the pioneering phase of the work and are excited to see the doors of opportunity God opens for us. We offer Christ-centered medical education and care to women and babies. Other such opportunities exist among the elderly, the physically disabled, and trauma victims, especially in the refugee camps. Other community development projects are being explored. We envision teaching English, exploring business ventures, and offering life-giving projects among vulnerable widows in the camps. If you are called to serve in the Middle East, contact us to learn what opportunities God is revealing.

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