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DNI operates under the faith missions model. In the words of Hudson Taylor, “God’s work, done God’s way, will never lack God’s supply.” Over the history of DNI, we have seen times of scarcity and times of abundance. Trusting Him to provide does not guarantee that all budgets will be fully met. However, across the years we have seen God answer prayer time after time, both in small and big ways, through the generosity of His people.

We believe in the importance of transparency and are committed to making information available to those who are interested. We make information available to our support base regarding needs and opportunities but do not make direct requests for funds (eg. appeal letters, fundraisers, etc).

DNI operates under the umbrella of the Biblical Mennonite Alliance, a group of conservative Anabaptist churches. All gifts to DNI are processed through the BMA central office and are issued a tax-deductible receipt.

Overview: Worker Support

  1. Workers come up with a budget for their personal living expenses. They are responsible to maintain an accurate ongoing budget of support needed.
    • The budget is an estimated monthly amount they need to receive through DNI to cover the cost of living where they are serving.
    • This budget should include monthly living expenses as well as any anticipated long-term expenses.
    • If workers receive income from other sources (eg. business back home, government subsidies, etc.) they are expected to deduct that from the budget.
  2. Workers are encouraged to share the budget with their sending church, family, and friends, as well as information on how to send support if they wish to.
    • We ask workers not to make direct requests for funding such as asking for pledges.
    • We do not require a certain level of support prior to sending our workers to the field.
  3. Workers are DNI employees.
    • None of the workers receive a set salary, admin staff included.
    • DNI serves as a channel for financial support and 100% of donations designated for specific workers are forwarded to them.
    • Payroll happens every 15th of the month. All designated donations received in the previous month are paid out to each worker as payroll.
    • Payroll taxes are deducted accordingly and workers receive a W-2 at the end of each year.
  4. Workers submit monthly financial reports, providing monthly budget, received, and spent numbers.
    • Using DNI’s reporting software, workers can provide a live financial report to whomever they wish. The financial report shows a graph of budget vs. actual received. This allows individuals to see the worker’s financial situation for the current calendar year, as well as the previous.
    • We make available a quarterly financial report of all DNI workers’ support levels
      • This report lists all workers’ budget, received, and spent for the past quarter as well as surplus/deficit for the past 4 quarters.
      • This report is sent to all BMA pastors, contact persons from each worker’s sending church, and anyone else who requests to be on this emailing list.
    • Our goal is financial transparency regarding each worker’s financial situation. We want to make information available to those who are interested in the workers’ financial support so that they can prayerfully consider where to designate their gifts.
  5. Donors may give to the Undesignated Worker Support Fund.
    • This fund provides financial assistance to workers who have fallen below their budgeted support levels.
    • On a quarterly basis, DNI admin assesses the support levels of each worker and, as funds are available, allocates funds to help bring workers’ support levels up to their budget.
  6. For all workers committed to 3+ years, we set aside money to assist them with their next phase of life when they conclude with DNI.
    • We match 2% of all support earmarked for them and set it aside in an interest-bearing fund.
    • When workers conclude with DNI, they receive the full amount that was set aside, plus interest, as a gift for getting started in their next phase of life.

Overview: Ministry Projects

  1. Workers do not cover ministry project costs out of their own budgets. Instead, they come up with a budget for the ministry project and submit that for approval by admin (and the DNI Board if greater than $5,000 annually).
  2. The DNI website provides a complete listing of all current projects; projects are sometimes featured in DNI print publications and media.
  3. DNI does not guarantee funding for these projects. We make the needs known and channel 100% of the funds to the specified project.
  4. For approved ongoing projects (eg. running a ministry center), workers submit an updated budget annually for approval by admin (and the DNI Board if greater than $5,000 annually). Upon approval, the project listing is updated on the DNI website.
  5. For approved one-time projects (eg. funding the purchase of a building), workers submit a budget for approval by admin (and the DNI Board if greater than $5,000 annually). Upon approval, the project is listed on the DNI website.

Overview: General Fund

  1. The General Fund covers the operating costs of DNI as an organization.
  2. This fund enables us to provide training, worker retreats, member care, and administrative support for our workers on the field.
  3. Admin drafts a budget annually, which is reviewed and approved by the board.
  4. A report of budgeted, received, and spent is made available upon request.

Request More Information

  1. We publish an annual “Stories to Encourage Your Faith” booklet with stories of how God has answered prayer and provided in miraculous ways. Contact us to request this year’s “Stories to Encourage Your Faith” booklet.
  2. We make available a quarterly financial report of all DNI workers’ support levels. Contact us if you would like to be added to this list.
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